Callous criminals drug 40 monkeys by giving them laced bananas in horror spree

Cops are hunting for a suspect after more than 40 monkeys were found dead after they reportedly ate laced bananas.

The helpless animals were discovered by authorities in a village in India after locals complained about an overwhelming stench.

Residents claim the monkeys were drugged after they located traces of the bananas on the lifeless bodies.

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They said they also found boxes of alcohol next to the poor animals, reports Hinduston Times.

The villagers added that they helped care for the ones who were still alive after they found several of them lying unconscious.

“We fed the unconscious little monkeys in the gardens but they are not having anything," said one local.

"We found the alcohol boxes beside the monkeys’ heap."

It has been reported that among those dead were babies and female monkeys.

Kasibugga Forest Officer Murali Krishan told agency ANI: "Around 40 to 45 monkeys were dead in this incident and the post-mortem has already been conducted but it will take five days for the report to come."

According to the authorities, the attacks on the monkeys could have been committed in another area, before they were dumped.

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Furious locals have demanded for the suspect to come forward and questioned where the heap of monkeys came from – due to there being no monkeys in the area.

“We had never seen such an incident in the district," Krishan added.

"Somebody brought the monkeys in a tractor and left them near the Silagam Village forest area."

Authorities have launched an investigation to identify the suspect and confirmed the case has been filed under the animal act.

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