Cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmers dad wished evil son suffered fate of victims

The father of vile cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer said he wished his evil son suffered the same fate as his victims.

Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, killed and dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

He is the subject of Netflix's new series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, where his horrifying crimes are shocking a new generation of viewers.

He was sentenced to fifteen terms of life imprisonment in February 1992 but died just over two years later, aged 34, when he was beaten to death behind bars by a fellow inmate.

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The twisted killer's dad, Lionel Dahmer, describes his shock and emotions after learning of his son's crimes in his book A Father's Story.

In the opening pages, Lionel empathises with the parents of his son's victims, comparing how they must have felt to how he felt when the grim crimes came to light.

He says he would have thought about his son "differently" if police had said he'd been killed.

He continues: "If they'd told me that a strange man had lured him to a seedy apartment, and a few minutes later, drugged, strangled, then sexually assaulted and mutilated his dead body – in other words, if they'd told me the same horrible things that they had to tell so many other fathers and mothers in July 1991, then I would have done what they have done.

"I would have mourned my son and demanded that the man who'd killed him be profoundly punished.

"If not executed, then separated forever from the rest of us."

Lionel goes on to describe how he would have thought of his son "warmly" if he had been killed, visiting his grave and being a "custodian of his memory".

However, he wasn't told what the other parents were. He laments the fact he was told the opposite.

"Instead, I was told my son was the one who had murdered their sons," Lionel writes.

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"And so, my son was still alive. I couldn't bury him. I couldn't remember him fondly. He was not a figure of the past. He was still with me."


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