Cannibal son cut mum into 1,000 tiny pieces, ate her raw and fed her to the dog

Cannibal killer Sanchez Gomez murdered his mum and ate her body over a two-week period, keeping her remains in lunch boxes in the fridge.

A court in Spain convicted Gomez of killing his mum, Maria Soledad Gomez, 66, in a gruesome February 2019 killing on Thursday, May 6, after a two-week trial.

Nine jurors dismissed Gomez's claims he was experiencing a "psychotic episode" when he approached Maria from behind and strangled her.

He then dismembered his mum before eating her body parts over a two-week period before police carried out a welfare check.

Gomez opened the door of the apartment to officers and told them: "Yes, my mother is in here, dead," the court heard.

Detectives discovered Maria's remains in Tupperware in the fridge, as well as bones in drawers around the family home.

Maria's head, hands and heart were found on her bed, the court heard, and police say the rest of her had been cut into 1,000 tiny pieces.

A police officer who gave evidence at the trial said Gomez claimed he had eaten some parts raw and others cooked.

He also said the 28-year-old told police he had given some pieces to the dog.

The officer said: "He began to tell us as he was being transferred to a police station the he had strangled her from behind.

"He also said he had eaten parts of her body, some cooked and some raw, and had given some pieces to the dog."

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The prosecution said the cannibal killer used a carpenter’s saw and two kitchen knives to cut up his mum.

Gomez claimed he had heard "hidden messages" telling him to kill his mum while watching TV.

He told Madrid’s Audiencia Provincial court the voices were those of neighbours, acquaintances and celebrities.

The prosecution have recommended a 15-year and five month prison sentence for Gomez but the trial judge has not yet confirmed this.

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