Cartel cops find 34 butchered bodies in kitchen freezers at makeshift morgues

Cartel cops have discovered a horrific makeshift morgue with 34 butchered bodies stashed inside.

Authorities said on Monday (August 14) the dismembered corpses had been found wrapped in plastic and stuffed into kitchen freezers at a hideout in Poza Rica in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz.

Six suspects have been detained, prosecutor Veronica Hernandez told reporters, but it is unclear which cartel they are affiliated with.

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The unfortunate discovery was made after police and soldiers raided a cartel-controlled property during a shootout with gang members on Sunday (August 13).

Horrific snaps show torsos stacked on top of each other following the grim find.

Initially investigators came upon the remains of 13 people but warned there "could be more", before additional remains were uncovered.

Local media outlets have stated some prisoners being held in the house were rescued and set free by authorities, with some believing they would have been executed by their cartel captors.

Officials also told AFP that police chased a suspect who was hiding in the building where three captives were being kept.

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Cops then performed search operations in other locations in the area, where they found more bodies.

They also seized a vehicle, weapons and drugs – but did not specify what type.

Death and destruction is not uncommon in the world of cartels, with certain regions of Mexico ravaged by violence.

One cartel man dubbed the "Stew maker" even dissolved an estimated 300 bodies in acid, leaving behind only his victims' teeth.

Santiago Meza Lopez, linked to the Sinaloa Cartel, was first captured in 2009 and confessed to his role in helping the cartel dispose of human bodies.

He explained: "They called me again and told me that now they were going to experiment with human flesh."

In a 2019 interview with YouTuber Shaun Attwood, an ex-cartel weapons officer, he explained how they got rid of the victims with little trace.

He said: "This guy got to the point where he dissolved 300 bodies – that's his estimate.

"They [officials] were going through the backyard, it says in a lot of files, looking for people and they just find the fillings of a tooth which wouldn't dissolve in acid. It's crazy and scary to say the least."

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