Cat found ‘butchered’ outside family home after grisly attack

A family has been left heartbroken after discovering the body of their pet cat “beheaded, sliced, and butchered” outside their home.

Mavis the cat, aged five, went missing from her Manchester home on April 8, prompting owners Nick Bradley-Sutton and Emma Grinder to become concerned when she didn’t return a day later.

After searching the house, Nick checked over the back garden fence and made the nauseating discovery.

Mavis’ body had been dumped outside metres from a spot where the cat liked to sit watching the world go by, reports MEN.

She had been beheaded, cut open down the length of her body, and chunks of flesh had been removed so that her ribcage was visible.

Her front paws were outstretched and “hanging on by a flap of skin”.

Shockingly, the family believe she was intentionally placed back outside their home so they could see.

Nick, 36, said: “There was no blood or mess when we found her.

“She used to sit on the fence at the back of the garden and watch the world go by like cats do.

“We suspect she’s been grabbed from there; they’ve taken her and done what they’ve done and put her back.

“My four-year-old is especially missing her and my nine-year-old is crying his eyes out on and off – the same as my wife and I.”

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The horrific incident has been reported to the police as well as several animal organisations.

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty, which investigates animal killings, has paid for the family to have an autopsy carried out on Mavis.

The findings will determine whether she was killed by another animal or a human.

Nick continued: “We got her when she was about six-weeks-old. She was just part of the family.

“Something in my gut told me to look over the back fence and I saw her there.

“I was just instantly in shock and numb.”

A spokesman for GMP said: “Officers were called just after 2pm yesterday (9 April 2021) to a report of a cat's body found dismembered on Mount Road in Manchester.

“RSPCA and Cats Protection have been notified.”

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