Caterham dog attack victim died of multiple penetrating dog bites to the neck

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    The dog walker who was mauled to death in Caterham, Surrey, died of 'multiple penetrating dog bites' to the neck.

    Today (Tuesday, January 31) the Surrey Coroner opened an inquest into the death of Natasha Johnston, 28

    Surrey Coroner's Court heard that Ms Johnston's cause of death was "multiple penetrating dog bites to the neck" and a wound to her jugular vein.

    She was walking several dogs in Gravelly Hill when the incident happened. Despite medics' best efforts she was pronounced dead at the scene.

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    Police said they detained eight animals after her death and confirmed that none of them were banned breeds.

    The attack reportedly took place after one dog bit another dog walker before going after Ms Johnston.

    A second woman was taken to hospital but police said her condition was "non life-threatening". She was discharged soon after.

    Last week, police said that "no prosecutions are being brought against individuals" with regards to the incident.

    It has been alleged that one of the dogs involved previously appeared in a BBC show about troublesome pups.

    Shiva, an 11-stone Leonburger named after the Hindu god of destruction, appeared in BBC2 programme 10 Puppies and Us when much younger.

    Richard Bream, who runs Mardens Kennels near to where the mauling occurred, said: "That particular area, View Point, is an area where professional dog walkers will turn up in their van and take the dogs out and walk them.

    "I’ve always felt you see some of these dog walkers have five or six, and they shouldn’t be able to do that."

    Speaking to the Sun, another local resident said: "She just had too many dogs. You cannot be in control with that number of dogs.

    "They were in a frenzy, acting as a pack of small wolves and going for whatever was in front of them."

    Ms Johnston’s family said they were going through "an extremely difficult time" dealing with her loss.

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