Charles’ ‘dual kingship’ with William ‘very irritating’ for Prince of Wales

Prince Charles’ “dual kingship” with Prince William is “incredibly irritating” for the Prince of Wales, a royal commentator has claimed.

With the Queen celebrating her 70th year on the throne, and after reports of ill health, attention has turned to the line of succession, with experts addressing how the monarchy might look when Charles – who is next in line for the throne, ahead of his son William – takes over.

The Prince of Wales reportedly intends to “slim down the monarchy” once he is in power, and royal insiders have claimed that Charles has been working with his son to identify where cuts can be made.

However, William was forced to address the future of the royal institution himself, when he and Kate Middleton were challenged by protestors during their recent Caribbean tour.

And, after the prince accepted that the trip had brought into focus “questions about the past and future”, royal expert Richard Eden has suggested that William is already preparing for a position of power alongside his father.

“The way that William was sort of talking, or his aides are talking, it’s kind of forgetting that he’s not the next king, that there is a man waiting to be king,” he told the Palace Confidential podcast.

“I think it is a reflection of the fact that even when Charles is on the throne, it will be almost a dual kingship with his son.

“All the time we’ll assume: ‘Does William agree with this? Is this the way things will go?’ And it very much will feel like a sort of interregnum.”

Richard Kay, editor-at-large at the Daily Mail, agreed and suggested that the new dynamic had been “incredibly irritating” for the Prince of Wales.

“For years he had to put up with the spotlight shining on his late wife. And then as soon as William came of age and got a glamorous, gorgeous girlfriend and then married her and had lovely children, the spotlight shifted once again.

“It has been a really frustrating few years for him in that regard.”

The podcast’s host Jo Elvin observed that this had been proved recently, when Kate and William’s royal tour of the Caribbean overshadowed Charles and Camilla’s trip to Ireland, with press coverage overwhelmingly focused on the Cambridges’ response to anti-monarchy protests.

“Why put two together like that when they would have known that William and Kate would overshadow the prince?” Richard Kay added.

This comes after members of the royal institution gathered at Westminster Abbey this week to celebrate the life of Prince Philip, with the Queen able to attend despite health concerns.

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