Chechen warlord Putin ally rubbishes rumour that Russian dictator is in a coma

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A bloodythirsty Chechen warlord who is a notorious ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin has rubbished claims the dictator is currently in a coma.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the hardline Putin supporter who left his stronghold in Chechnya to fight for Russia in Ukraine, has dismissed a rumour about the Russian leader’s health.

The only strange thing about that is, the rumour never really existed.

In a bizarre, hesitant audio recording posted to his Telegram channel, the Chechen leader told followers that he had "read that our president had fallen into a coma" and that "they are looking for a replacement right now.”

Speaking in slow, halting Russian, rather than in his native Chechen, Kadyrov dismissed the suggestion, claiming that he himself had he had "recently" spoken with Putin.

"He has a very cheerful voice, a commanding voice, and he is ready to complete the special operation without harming the Ukrainian people and the state as much as possible," Kadyrov insisted.

He issued a stark warning to anyone spreading rumours about Putin’s health, saying "I advise you that it is better to shut your mouths.”.

The leader of the majority-muslim Chechen republic signed off the 69-second recording by saying "May Allah grant our president a long life, health, happiness and good luck.”

There has long been speculation about the state of Vladimir Putin’s health.

Rumours have swirled for the past few years that the former KGB officer, who has occupied one or other of Russia’s top political posts since 1999, is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, or blood cancer, or both.

Video of Putin, who turns 70 in October, gripping a tabletop in an apparent attempt to control a trembling hand, emerged in April and he appeared to be doing something similar earlier this week during a meeting with the CEO of the powerful RusNano State Corporation Sergey Kulikov in Moscow.

Kremlin sources have rubbished reports of Putin’s health problems, and yesterday top UK doctor Professor Michael Clarke said there was "no convincing evidence" that the Russian leader is seriously ill although, he added, the Russian leader was hitting the Botox so hard he was “embalming himself alive”.

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