Chelsea Clinton’s ‘source of conflict’ confession with mother Hillary Clinton exposed

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Chelsea, 40, has been a public supporter of her mother, former US First Lady, former Secretary of State and former Democratic presidential nominee, for a long time now. However, she admitted that they do argue about some things in their personal lives. For example, she insisted Hillary “spoils” her children – Charlotte, five, Aiden, four and baby Jasper – when they spend time with her.

On The Graham Norton Show in November 2019, chat show host Graham Norton asked whether Hillary is a good grandmother.

Chelsea said: “She’s a very good grandmother but she also spoils them, which is the point of some continued conversation between the two of us.

“She thinks pizza is fine at least twice if not three times a day.”

Hillary grinned and said: “Well, they like, I mean really!”

Then, she added: “It is the best system. You get these wonderful new people in your life and you’re thrilled, you’re so happy for your child who’s now a parent and you get exhausted helping to take care of them and then you leave.

“It works out perfectly.”

Later in the show, Chelsea brought up the subject again, emphasising how strongly she feels on the subject.

The panel were talking about funny letters they had sent as kids and Hillary revealed that Chelsea had written to President Ronald Reagan when she was just five years old.

Chelsea explained that she had been reading the newspaper, which is the first thing she learned to read as a youngster, and she read that the President was going to visit a cemetery in Germany where Nazis were buried.

Having learned that the Nazis were “not nice people” from The Sound of Music, she wanted to write to him to say she didn’t think he should go to their cemetery.

However, Chelsea got slightly sidetracked when telling the story, because she remembered how she used to sneakily put honey on her cereal, even though she wasn’t allowed.

Chelsea told Graham: “I read an article one day when I was five in the newspaper over my Cheerios that I had secretly put honey on top of because my mother wouldn’t let me have sugary cereal – she now spoils my children, but she wouldn’t let me!”

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Graham laughed and said: “I have to say, that’s holding a grudge!”

Imitating Chelsea, he joked: “We’re going on that chat show and I’m going to bring up the honey on the Cheerios again!”

Chelsea quipped back: “Did you notice? I wasn’t subtle enough, next time I’ll be more subtle.”

Chelsea also described how difficult it was for her to work with her mother on the book they co-authored called The Book of Gutsy Women.

She described how Hillary, instead of typing up her work, hand-wrote her drafts and then took pictures of them to send to her daughter.

What’s more, she would send each picture in a separate email, making the admin much more confusing and difficult.

Hillary defended herself, claiming she is “just of that generation” where she thinks better when writing by hand.

She added that other famous people like Barack Obama and Margaret Atwood also write longhand.

Comedian David Mitchell, who was also a guest on the show, joked: “Most authors up to the beginning of the twentieth century wrote longhand.”

He then suggested the 14th century poet “Geoffrey Chaucer” as another person who did not type up their works.

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