Child migrant outs himself as 25 on dating site and now faces being deported

An Iranian 'child' migrant who outed himself on a dating site as 25-years-old now faces deportation.

Aria Ibrahimi, who arrived unaccompanied in the UK in May 2020 claiming to be 16, is said to have joined a dating group for those aged 30 to 55.

Mr Ibrahimi’s claims on arrival to the UK were not disputed by the Home Office, and he was taken into care by Kent County Council as a minor.

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Suspicious social workers, however, believed the Iranian's age to be in his late 20s or early 30s, in documents to a Home Office hearing, with one noting he “had a few grey hairs”.

It was also noted his “facial features were set and without the soft features of a youth”.

In January 2021, Mr Ibrahimi was moved to Home Office adult accommodation, with the risk of being deported.

He then applied for a judicial review, which was rejected, and a social worker told a hearing that Mr Ibrahimi visited several groups for universities on social media.

He also joined dating lists for those aged 19 to 25 and 30 to 55, and told a person his year of birth was “1997, but here I’m 2003” in one online chat.

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Upper Tribunal Judge Susan Kebede refused the review, agreeing that his date of birth was September 20, 1997, therefore Mr Ibrahimi has been determined to be 25 years old, and is now facing deportation.

Photos of the man show him protesting with a piece of paper with the logo of The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI), a Kurdish nationalist group which resists the Iranian regime.

In another picture, he can be seen protesting against execution in Iran near the Iranian embassy in London.


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