Chilling note on order sent to cafe had appeal for help from rape victim

A note sent to a cafe led to the rescue of a woman who was allegedly held against her will and raped in a house in New York, according to police.

Chipper Truck Cafe in Yonkers, an inner suburb of New York City, located directly to the north of the Bronx, received a food order around 5 am Sunday morning with a special note that read: “Please call police."

"His going to call me when u delivered come with the cones please don’t make it obvious [sic],” the note continued, as per News 12 Westchester.

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Despite the unclear message sent via Grubhub, employees acted and called police leading to the arrest of a man on charges of rape, just days after he faced similar charges on a different woman.

The alleged rapist was 32-year-old Kemoy Royal, his alleged victim was a 24-year-old woman who – according to police – is now safe.

“People normally put notes like, ‘Can you leave it in my driveway? Can I have extra syrup in my order? Can I have an extra soda?’ But never something like this,” café worker Alicia Berme told CBS New York.

“The message came in, and the girls read it and they called my husband to see what they should do,” owner Alice Bermejo also told the television station.

“He told them, ‘let’s call the police, we can’t take any risk or chance'."

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The next day, the heroic employees found out that the victim was safe.

“A detective had called and said there had been an arrest made and that the girl was safe, and we were like, we’re so happy…so happy,” said Bermejo, News 12 reported.

Royal was arrested Sunday morning and charged by the NYPD with rape, strangulation, criminal sex acts, unlawful imprisonment, sexual abuse, criminal possession of a weapon, assault and menacing, authorities said.

Royal was also charged Sunday from an earlier incident on June 15 with attempted rape, sexual abuse and assault on a 26-year-old woman, police said.


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