China warning: NATO issues alert over Beijing’s ‘threat’ with growth in dangerous military

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In a stark admission, NATO Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg urged nations to join the alliance in order to bid stop any potential threats from Beijing. On Monday, Mr Stoltenberg warned China’s development is threatening the global balance of power amid rising tensions due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and escalations in the South China Sea and Hong Kong. At a time whereby US President, Donald Trump has criticised the members of the alliance and threatened to remove troops from Germany, Mr Stoltenberg demanded a more global approach to defending against China and Russia was needed.

Although China is not an enemy of the alliance, he added: “Ultimately, we must stand up for a world built on freedom and democracy, not on bullying and coercion.

“The rise of China is fundamentally shifting the global balance of power, heating up the race for economic and technological supremacy, multiplying the threats to open societies and individual freedoms and increasing the competition over our values and our way of life.

“They’re coming closer in cyberspace, we see them in the Arctic, in Africa, we see them investigating in our critical infrastructure.

“And they’re working more and more with Russia.

“All of this has security consequences for NATO allies.

“They already have the second-largest defence budget in the world.

“They are investing heavily in modern military capabilities, including missiles that can reach NATO-allied countries.”

NATO’s future remains unclear after 71 years in operation following Mr Trump’s criticism and French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments that the alliance needs to change last year.

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China has been heavily criticised for its handling for the outbreak which originated in Wuhan.

The Beijing government has been accused of not only withholding crucial information on the virus but spreading misinformation to try and destabilise western states.

Closer to Beijing’s shores, Chinese jets violated Taiwan’s airspace this week.

Several Sukhoi Su-30s entered Taiwanese airspace before officials demanded the jets leave.

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This is just the latest move from China to show and expand its force in the South China Sea.

In order to try and limit China’s influence, the US has increased freedom of navigation exercises in the region.

Domestically, China has received widespread backlash for the imposition of a new security law in Hong Kong.

Under such acts which are intended to split the country, subvert the state or carry out terrorist activities, China will be able to take specific powers in order to combat any interference.

China will also oppose any foreign interference in Hong Kong’s affairs although the state has autonomy on internal affairs.

In light of this proposed law, Boris Johnson has offered temporary citizenship to those on the island.

The UK will also conduct a review into the decision to allow Chinese telecom giant, Huawei to build some of its 5G network.

Due to the dangers of possible interference, the UK received increased pressure from the US and other members of the Five Eyes alliance to evaluate the decision.

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