Chinas chilling war warning to US if they continue down wrong path

In a chilling warning to American president Joe Biden, China’s new Foreign Minister Qin Gang has said that “conflict” with the US is unavoidable unless there are some serious policy changes in Washington.

Defending China’s close alliance with Russia, Qin blamed the US for the dangerous rise in international tensions.

The minister said China would not accept "blame-shifting, sanctions, suppression and threats" from the West, and said there could be “catastrophic consequences” if Washington continued the “reckless gamble” of challenging China.

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“If the United States does not hit the brakes, but continues to speed down the wrong path, no amount of guardrails can prevent derailing, and there will surely be conflict and confrontation,” Qin told the National People’s Congress in Beijing.

Qin appeared to threaten a potential world war as he added: "Such competition is a reckless gamble, with the stakes being the fundamental interests of the two peoples and even the future of humanity.”

Relations between Washington and Beijing have worsened significantly after FBI Director Christopher Wray's comments that the bureau believes Covid-19 "most likely" originated in a "Chinese government-controlled lab”.

China’s foreign ministry accused the US of "politicising the issue" in a bid to undermine and discredit China.

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The “spy balloon” controversy has also heightened tensions between the US and China, with the Chinese government accusing America of “over reacting” to a simple weather balloon that had accidentally been blown off course.

Qin said that shooting down the balloon created “a diplomatic crisis that could have been avoided.”

He added that American politicians didn’t seem to understand China or its objectives.

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“The US perception and views of China are seriously distorted,” Qin said. “It regards China as its primary rival and the biggest geopolitical challenge.”

“The US claims it seeks to compete with China but does not seek conflict. But in reality, the so-called ‘competition’ by the US is all-round containment and suppression, a zero-sum game of life and death,” he said.

“Containment and suppression will not make America great, and the US will not stop the rejuvenation of China,” Qin insisted.


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