Cocaine Cassie confesses to drug smuggling after years of claiming innocence

'Cocaine Cassie' Sainsbury has confessed to deliberately smuggling cocaine out of Colombia after admitting to knowing the contents in a brand new tell-all interview.

Sainsbury was caught with 5.8kg of cocaine, stashed in 18 headphone boxes inside her suitcase, when boarding a flight from Bogota to London in April 2017.

The drug mule was initially sentenced to six years in the notorious El Buen Pastor female prison in Bogota but was released early in April 2020.

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The drug mule has given a number of interviews from behind bars and while on bail in South America, where she claimed she was innocent – but in an interview with 7News Spotlight, she has finally come clean.

"I knew what was in it," the smuggler confessed about the vast quantity of cocaine found in her bag, shown in the trailer for the programme which is set to air tonight.

Sainsbury revealed to the TV channel that her part in a "worldwide syndicate supplying drugs to Aussie suburbs" left her scared for her life and concerned for her family.

7News Spotlight is set also to reveal details of a huge organised crime operation involving Sainsbury, who ended up spending more than two years in jail for her crimes.

This latest confession comes after numerous protestations where Sainsbury insisted she was innocent, including an interview with 60 Minutes that took place shortly after her imprisonment at the notorious prison in the Colombian capital.

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The ex-fitness instructor claimed she was transporting documents and not the vast quantity of drugs found on her person.

The convicted smuggler then claimed she had proof of her innocence, but that it was locked away on a phone she couldn't remember the PIN for.

She has also alleged she had been coerced into smuggling cocaine and that her family's lives had been threatened.

Asked by reporter Liam Bartlett whether she thought what she was doing was dodgy, she conceded that it had crossed her mind.

She told him in the September 2017 interview: "It was a point where I was just about to accept a job but I had outstanding bills.

"I suppose I took the risk. Now I'm here. But it's a lesson learned – definitely."

Australian native Sainsbury also touched down in Adelaide for the first time in five years after her bail conditions forced her to stay in Colombia following her 27-month jail stint.

Sainsbury and her wife Tatiana arrived home after the pair wed last March and plan to split their time between Australia and Colombia, where Tatiana's family live.

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