Cold weather forecast: Arctic flow to unleash blanket of frost and snow over UK in DAYS

Met Office expert discusses probability of Christmas Day snow

Weather models currently predict conditions turning colder for Christmas, according to Netweather forecaster Nick Finnis. A cold northerly flow from the Arctic will bring freezing temperatures on December 25.

A chart from Netweather shows a 50 percent chance of snow in London on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile up to four inches (10cm) of snow is forecast to fall across parts of Scotland, a map from WX Charts shows.

In a Netweather blog, Mr Finnis said: “A cold northerly flow sourced from the Arctic looks to bring a cold Christmas Day, with some wintry showers affecting northern, western and eastern coasts, perhaps a few showers getting inland too, especially further north, snow likely over northern hills, but too far off to say whether it’ll be cold enough for snow at lower levels.

“What’s more certain is that clearing skies overnight will lead to a widespread frost, perhaps early Christmas morning, so maybe more white from frost than snow for most.

“But too far off to be specific of snow risk for a good few days yet.”

Weather forecaster Simon King warned that while temperatures will be mild for the next week, they will plummet by December 25.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: “We are going to see mild weather over the next week or so and then just in time for Christmas temperatures are going to drop down, so it will turn colder over the Christmas period.

“Temperatures will come below the average.

“It means for the whole white Christmas thing there will be wintery showers, and while it’s still very uncertain, it will certainly be cold enough over the Christmas period for there to be wintery precipitation.

“There may be snow for some, but for now though it’s really mild, especially for this time of year.”

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin also said the mercury will drop for Christmas.

He said: “If you are dreaming of a bit of snow, well some good news it does look as if it will be turning colder for the Christmas period.

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“But of course you need cold and some moisture for any snow.”

Mr Deakin explained that northerly winds are “more likely to dominate” next week meaning it will be colder.

He added: “Colder yes, but will we see any snow? Well at the moment the pressure pattern is just too early to say.

“One snapshot, the European model for Christmas Day, showing low pressure scooting away.

“No real sign of a high pressure here, whereas other computer models do have a big high sitting across the UK.

“So that’s why there’s uncertainty about the pressure pattern.

“There’s a strong signal, whether it’s high pressure or that notherly flow, that it will be colder.

“So what do we know about the Christmas period, yes, turning colder.

“Where we see showers they could well be wintery because it has turned colder.

“They are most likely to stay across more northern parts of the UK.

“But details of the exact pressure pattern just too early to say at this stage.”

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