Cop killer poses for camera in designer tops while locked in max security prison

Cop killer Dale Cregan shamelessly poses for the camera in designer togs while in a maximum security facility.

A decade after murdering police officers Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, Cregan, 39, was snapped wearing £100 Hugo Boss Green Label polo inside Ashworth Hospital.

His sister Kelly posted the photo of her son Oliver Cregan, 20, with his arm around his killer uncle and captioned the social media picture “The boys”.

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The insensitive post was slammed by Bryn Hughes – whose PC daughter Nicola was shot by Cregan in 2012.

Former prison officer Bryn, who runs a charity in his daughter’s name, said: “I wish I could pose for pictures with my Nicola. However that privilege was cruelly taken away from us in September 2012 in a cowardly act.

“All we have is to look at is old images and wonder what she would be doing, how much she has changed and how she should be enjoying her life.”

Cregan got life in 2013 after admitting four murders, including those of Nicola, 23, and colleague Fiona, 32.

He is back in Ashworth secure hospital due to his unstable mental state, after stints in mainstream prisons.

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The NHS-run centre in Merseyside has a more relaxed regime than high-security prisons. Patients are permitted to hug and kiss visiting relatives, hold their hands and pose for pics.

Visitors can bring in clothes for patients – who are housed in single rooms with showers – to wear.

Estate agent Kelly and sister Stacey often share snaps on Instagram of their infamous relative. Kelly’s other son, Oscar, Oliver’s twin, is in prison for drug dealing.

Cregan has previously bragged about his stress-free days at Ashworth playing tennis and snooker, cooking pizza and kayaking in a swimming pool.

Cop killer brazenly poses for camera in designer tops while locked in max security prison.

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