Cops race to identify 19 charred bodies found in trucks amid cartel crime

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Police are racing to identify 19 burned bodies found in trucks amid fears of a cartel crackdown.

The bodies were discovered with gunshot wounds and are thought to have been migrants from Guatemala.

A distraught relative of one of the victims explained their loved one had left San Marcos on January 11 before reaching Mexico.

The relative said: "Tuesday marks fifteen days since he traveled to the United States with 15 other people from here, from San Marcos".

Mexican authorities are racing to identify the bodies, and according to a Mexican law enforcement official '80% to 100%' of the victims' bodies are burned beyond recognition.

A former player of Club Juventud Comiteca, a Guatemalan third division soccer team, 22-year-old Marvin Tomás is thought to be among the victims according to the team.

According to authorities 13 of thew victims are Guatemalan nationals, reports Mail Online.

It comes amid reports stating the Cartel del Noreste (Northeast Cartel) raided the place at which the Guatemalan victims were staying, according to some family members.

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Relatives claim the cartel then shot the victims before the bodies were transferred into two vehicles.

Cops made the grisly discovery on Saturday outside the town of Camargo.

The area is known to be the grounds of violent turf battles between rival drug gangs.

It is thought the cartel may have shot the migrants in a bid to send a message to the rival gang and prevent them from making profit from trafficking.

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According to newspaper Proceso, Saltillo bishop Raúl Vera said: "They are a business because [the cartel] helps them move to the United States and their families go into debt.

"The people in [Camargo] say that a cartel had people, a crime that is called trafficking, because they took money from them to pass them on, but the enemy group [Northeast Cartel] does not want their rivals to make money off of them … they decided to kill and incinerate them."

The discovery was made just 249 miles from the Mexico-Texas border.

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