Coronavirus: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte didn’t visit dying mother due to lockdown restrictions

The Dutch prime minister did not get to visit his dying mother in her final weeks because he was following lockdown restrictions, his office has said.

Mark Rutte’s mother Mieke Rutte-Dilling died aged 96 at her care home in The Hague on 13 May, the PM said in a statement.

He was unable to visit her before she died because he was following his government’s guidelines about not visiting care homes, with his office saying: “The prime minister has complied with all directives.”

Mrs Rutte-Dilling did not die of coronavirus, despite an outbreak of the disease at her residential home, Dutch media reported.

Paying tribute to her, Mr Rutte said: “In addition to the great sadness and all fond memories, my family and I also have a feeling of gratitude that we were allowed to have her with us for so long.”

He added that he had “said goodbye to her in a family circle” before the Netherlands’ COVID-19 lockdown was imposed on 20 March.

It comes amid a furious backlash in the UK over Dominic Cummings’s decision to travel from his London home to his parents’ farm in County Durham during lockdown.

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