Coronavirus: The remote Bosnian village untouched by the global pandemic

Residents from Bosnia’s highest village say they have not had a single case of coronavirus since the pandemic began.

Residents of Lukomir, who move away during the harsh winter months, returned just as lockdown was brought in.

The Bjelasnica mountain settlement is elevated almost 1,500m (4,921ft) above sea level.

“There is no corona here. We move freely, without face masks and (protective) gloves,” said 83-year-old Vejsil Comor.

“I joke with (city people), I ask them why they must wear gloves when it is not winter.

“But (they’ve) got used to wearing gloves (as protection against COVID-19), so it would be best if they hold onto that tradition, I think.

“It is important to keep traditions alive, we have a saying here that it is better for a village, or a city, to die than to give up its traditions.

“If I had to go to the city, I too would wear gloves.”

Raha Elezovic, 65, said: “The coronavirus has not reached us.

“It spread all over the world, even in America, but not in Lukomir.”

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