Councillor fumes he cant use truncheons or handcuffs on sex workers

A village has been inundated with prostitution, drug dealing and human waste with residents repeatedly putting the pressure on local councillors to resolve the issues.

The village of Cabus, near Garstang, Lancashire has seen reports of prostitution taking place in lay-bys on Woodfold Lane, much to the anger of its residents who raised the matter at a parish council meeting last week.

Cabus is a rural area, surrounded by farmland and is proven popular destination for holidaymakers with several caravan and camping sites.

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Robert Hastings, Chairman of Cabus Parish Council Councillor, told Lancs Live that the matter has been passed onto the police and confirmed they increased patrols in the area.

He said: “It is a concern, and for the people that live near the lay-by on Woodfold Lane, but we can’t run out there with our truncheons and our handcuffs to sort it out – we have passed it on to the police, and they are aware of it and they have been aware of it for several months; I think they have increased patrols in the area.

“Residents have been aware of it for several months, and as far as I’m aware, I know it covers everything that’s covered by the term ‘prostitution.’ If no money changes hands, it’s none of our business, but if money changes hands, it’s against the law and it’s a police matter.

"I would like to see the police do something and prosecute the people involved, if they can catch them, to stop it happening."

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Parish council clerk Doctor Louise Banton said the two lay-bys on either side of the A6 road: the one on Woodfold Lane and one on Fowler Hill Lane opposite both possess the problem of prostitution, when she spoke to Lancs Live.

Banton was told by one resident that she thought about taking photos of the drug deals but decided against that due to fear of her safety.

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A spokesperson for Lancashire Constabulary told Lancs Live: “We are aware of the concerns and it looks like an officer will be in attendance at the next parish council meeting to speak to residents and give an update.”

A spokesperson for Lancashire County Council said fly tipping and littering in the area were a matter for Wyre Borough Council.


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