Councillor rants he has testicular fortitude before police called to meeting

A so-called "bully" councillor was evicted from a meeting after shouting at other members through a megaphone in a heated argument.

Chrisy Morris, an independent, was accused of disclosing confidential information, which he denies, by other members of Maldon District Council in Essex.

In chaotic footage from the meeting on Thursday evening (November 4) Chrisy appears to become enraged while the other councillors discuss imposing sanctions against him, BBC News reports.

The meeting has been compared to the infamous Zoom call with members of Handforth Parish Council that saw rivals screaming and swearing at one another.

Mr Morris shouts that he has "testicular fortitude" in a bizarre rant while repeatedly calling council chairman Mark Heard a "coward" while he tried to conduct the meeting.

He then says he will "speak his truth" while continuing to interrupt to demand a point of order, used in politics to draw attention to a breach in rules.

Mr Heard bangs his gavel and says: "Councillor Morris, will you be quiet please!"

Police officers were called to the meeting after councillors voted for Mr Morris to leave and he refused to do so, saying they had no right to evict him.

Essex Police said no arrests were made.

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Mr Morris told the BBC he had no regrets about his conduct during the meeting and accused other councillors of behaving in an undemocratic way.

He said: "What I said I needed to say; it was very simple, I had a point of order which the chairman should deal with as soon as it's brought to his attention.

"They wouldn't allow [my point of order], which was undemocratic in itself.

"I'm a democratically elected representative. I've got the right to speak. I'm there to speak and I simply have not been allowed to speak."

Mr Heard told the BBC that because of an active police investigation he was unable to comment.

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