Couple die in ‘murder-suicide after boyfriend threatened to cut lover’s throat’

A dad found his daughter and her boyfriend dead in a “gruesome” suspected murder-suicide.

Sabrina Marie Dumdei, 37, and Zachary John Winton, 34, were discovered at their apartment complex on Anna Marie Island in Florida, the US, on October 17.

Ms Dumdei’s dad broke a window to get in and spotted her on the floor.

The pair were pronounced dead at the scene.

Weeks earlier, Winton allegedly came towards Dumdei with a kitchen knife and threatened to kill her in police custody.

Sergeant Lenard Diaz, of the Bradenton Beach Police Department, told the Anna Maria Island Sun: “This is probably the most gruesome crime scene I’ve ever worked — the worst in 37 years that I’ve ever seen.

“It’s going to be really hard to put together what occurred, what the chronological events were that led up to the actual deaths.

“Going through the crime scene and photos, I’ll try to put something together, but it’s going to be speculation because there’s no witnesses and nobody saw anything.”

One of the deck chairs and the sliding glass door were covered in blood, the newspaper reports.

Asked how the wounds were inflicted, Police Chief Sam Speciale said: “We have no idea. All I can tell you is there’s a lot of blood.

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“We’re waiting to find out exactly where the wounds are and what they consist of.

“We do know their identities and we’ll go from there.”

Several arrests had previously been made at the property in relation to domestic violence.

On July 19, Dumdei was arrested on suspicion of alleged domestic battery.

According to a police report, she threw a can at Winton and punched him several times in the chest.

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The charges were dropped on July 23.

On August 10, Winton was arrested at the property on charges of domestic battery.

He pleaded not guilty and they were dropped on August 24.

Last month, he was charged with domestic aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, tampering with a witness and misdemeanour battery, according to court records.

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A police officer found Winton walking towards Dumdei with a “large kitchen knife”, the Brandeton Herald reports.

According to court records, he threatened to kill her while in police custody.

Winton was quoted as saying: “I will kill her. She gonna pay.”

He allegedly went on: “If I get charged with felonies I’ll kill her then myself. I will cut her throat.”

The case remained open as of Saturday, October 17.

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