Couple videoed having sex on beach – but the cameraman may be the one in trouble

A raunchy couple was filmed by a beachgoer getting frisky on a public beach in broad daylight.

The pair have apologised for their public display of affection but police warn they may not be the ones in trouble.

Authorities say the man who filmed the couple's intimate moment could actually be the one in hot water, as reports Daily Mail.

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The unnamed couple had sex in front of other beachgoers, including several children, at Henley Beach in South Australia yesterday (Tuesday, February 20).

One man who saw the pair recorded the intimate act on his phone and then uploaded it on Facebook.

In the brief clip, he can be heard saying “hey, look at this” to another person on the beach.

He continued: “He's doing the anaconda!”

The unnamed man then goes on to confront the couple and accuse them of public indecency in front of children and demands an apology.

“Say sorry. Say you're sorry,” he can be heard saying before the couple respond with “yeah, sorry”.

Later in the footage, the vigilante appears to demand an apology again.

He can be heard uttering: “Nah I want you to say you're sorry."

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“Yeah 100% sorry for doing that in front of kids”, the couple replies.

The video was shared on Facebook where it had been viewed thousands of times before it was taken down hours later.

The footage of the intimate act was uploaded to Facebook and viewed thousands of times.

South Australia Police are aware of the incident but are not pressing any charges at this stage.

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They allege that the man who filmed the couple could in fact be breaching privacy laws.

This was backed by some legal experts who claim that he could be in trouble.

Woods and Co solicitor, Hugh Woods, told 7News: “It's not a slap on the wrist yet some of these offences do have the prospect of attracting imprisonment and albeit unlikely it's certainly an available sentencing option to the court."

In South Australia, it is an offence to engage in humiliating or degrading filming or taking and sharing a sexual or intimate image of someone without their consent.

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