Couple won stunning £1.4m home but as they arrived half of the house was missing

A couple thought all of their dreams had come true when they discovered they had won a £1.4million house – until they apparently found half of it was missing.

Married couple Kevin and Andrea Griffin won the Australian home in a giveaway. But when they moved into the luxury home, it was stripped of over £33,000 of goods.

The couple have accused the previous owner of stealing the items from the home, but the claims have been slammed by the Melbourne property tycoon Adrian Portelli.

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CCTV allegedly showed Portelli and a group of removal men removing items including wine, a meat smoker, a treadmill, kitchen appliances, and lawnmowers from the property. Portelli has since launched a £50,000 giveaway – including all the items allegedly taken from the house.

Kevin and Andrea found the CCTV clip when they checked the security system on their new home. They then posted it online.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Andrea said: “We were just like, what the hell? Why has he done this?"

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They won the home in a giveaway after paying for membership in Portelli's business LMCT+ for over a year.

The couple had been members of Portelli’s business LMCT+ for over a year before they won the property in the giveaway. Members pay around £50 a month to be entered into exclusive competitions.

Portelli said in a video online that the items taken "weren't part of the giveaway", adding that this was explained in the terms and conditions of the giveaway.

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He said: "It was just part of the show, it wasn't in our t's and c's (terms and conditions). Our t's and c's say this is a fully-furnished house, which is what we delivered on.

"Whatever I do with these items is up to me. Wherever I want to use them personally or I want to use them to stage future giveaway houses, who bloody cares.

"Unfortunately, it's people like this that ruin it for everyone and it makes us not want to do things like this again”.

According to the publication, the businessman claims that he has also received threats over the couple's post, with some branding him a thief.

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In retaliation, the businessman released "behind the scenes footage" of the couple touring their new home, where they appear to pick faults with the property.

He also claimed he has been issued with legal letters, as his business is currently under investigation in two states over allegations that it broke gambling laws.

South Australia's Consumer and Business Services and the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission are both investigating complaints about LMCT+.

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