Cruise ship chaos as magician doing intimate mouth trick tackled on stage

A magician says he was attacked on stage while he performed on a cruise ship.

Australian TV host and magician Ben Murphy was in the middle of a performance on the Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas cruise on March 1 when the incident took place.

He and a volunteer had folded playing cards sticking out of their mouths and – as a part of the trick where he would swap the cards over – leaned in for a “kiss”.

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But the big moment came when a large screen beaned the face of Murphy and showed his eyes widen.

They widened because a member of the crowd was approaching the stage.

The man who approached is believed to be the partner of the woman who was up on stage.

He went up to Murphy and pushed him over.

Taking to TikTok, Murphey said: “My assault on board. Entertainment, comedy, and magic are NOT contact sports.

“This guest should not have been allowed to enjoy the rest of his cruise.”

7News reported that he had “blurry vision” after he was knocked to the ground and suffered bruises.

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Medics onboard are understood to have told him to see a neurologist. “Hit my head so I have had blurry vision,” he added.

The volunteer is said by Murphy to have given her consent to take part in the stunt.

“She was lovely and was laughing and having a real good time, she danced and giggled and gave consent for it all,” he said.

People have since been keen to ask Murphy whether he finished the show.

Writing a comment on Instagram, magician Chris Herrick asked: “If you finished the show, you deserve an award. It would take superhuman strength to be able to stay on stage after that.”

Murphy replied: “Finished the show (25 minutes remained. And did two more shoes four nights later)”.

Other people were quick to comment. One said: “Tell me you're insecure in your relationship without telling me you're insecure in your relationship lol.”

Another added: “Dog ruined the damn magic trick, now I will never know what was supposed to happen”.

The Daily Star has contacted Royal Caribbean Cruises for comment.

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