Dachshund with zero spacial awareness barges past park-goers with huge stick

A tiny dog has become a TikTok sensation after always picking out sticks far bigger than his own body while going for walks with his owner.

Bosco, a three-year-old dachshund, loves to carry sticks even if it's four times the length of his tiny body.

In one clip seen more than 28 million times on TikTok account @boscoandhisbigstick, the brown pooch goes to a park in London and finds himself a massive stick from the woods.

He picks it up and starts walking in the footpath with almost no spacial awareness as his new toy takes up more than two-thirds of his pathway.

Park-goers have to walk on the side to give way to Bosco and at one point, a man blocks his way while standing in the middle of the footpath to see if the pooch would drop the stick.

But the dog manages to swing it sideways and slides it through without clipping the man's ankles.

Owner Anna, who is filming from behind, can be heard giggling while watching Bosco giving the man an "annoyed look".

She apologises to the walkers as the plucky canine gets in their way and hits their legs, saying: "Sorry!"

A woman is heard giving compliments to Bosco, saying: "So cute, oh my God. I can't even deal with that.

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Dubbed as the "king of sticks", Bosco has gained a mass following on social media with more than 600,000 followers on his Instagram and TikTok.

One fan wrote: "Bosco has been practising social distancing way before coronavirus blew up! I love it."

Another added: "You're amazing Bosco. This makes me laugh!"

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