Dad defends TikTok famous son for egging neighbours as normal kid stuff

The dad of a schoolboy famous on TikTok for egging his neighbour's houses has defended the lad, claiming the videos are “normal little kid stuff”.

Jason Knight says his and six-year-old Jack’s pranks are harmless fun which helps youngsters from falling in with the wrong crowd.

The 29-year-old films and posts the pranks online and claims the two always return to the scene to clean up their mess the next day.

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The first video uploaded by the dad of four involved the youngster throwing eggs at his sister's home, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Speaking to the publication, Jason said: "In my eyes, I see it as a little thing for my son where he cleans up afterwards and it teaches him a lesson.

"There was someone running around with a machete where I live a few weeks ago saying he was going to slice everyone up.

“My son is egging houses, not running around with a machete. In my eyes, I’m doing the right thing."

The father and son duo, from Oldham, have gathered a TikTok following with their videos, some of which have been viewed more than 300,000 times.

Jason, who owns a vehicle recovery business, claims that they are bombarded with comments from people requesting which home is next.

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In some of the clips, Jason can be heard encouraging to his son, by telling him to get closer to the window and to take his time throwing the egg before running back to the car.

"We’re not doing it maliciously," Jason said. "We have people give us addresses whether it be their family or friends.

“We always go back the next day and clean up. It’s not like [Jack] is running off and leaving it for other people to clean.

"We show them the address that’s been given to us and we let the people know who has [thrown the eggs]. Everyone started liking the videos and commenting.

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“Some people take it as a joke and some people see it like I’m in the wrong."

Jason said he thinks 'it's a good thing' for Jack if he gets famous as it could open up opportunities for him to earn more money and move away from the area.

"The estate I live on, it’s crazy," said the dad. "The police are there all the time and people are racing up and down in cars. It’s not a nice place to live. It steers [Jack] away from all the other kids swearing and bullying other kids.

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"I let him out the other day on the park and he came back crying his eyes out saying the other kids were bullying him. I’m trying to do it for him so he’s got a better life so he can move away from around here."

Jason says another reason he records the videos is to keep the old-school prank alive. "I don’t want the tradition to die," he added.

"I’d like to keep what I did as a kid in my family. I know in my head he’s out doing normal little kid stuff that everyone used to do when they were kids. I did it as a kid and I’ve turned out to be a nice person."


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