Dad of convicted rapist moans case was a ‘stitch up’ in vile Facebook rant

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The dad of a convicted rapist has ranted on Facebook claiming that his son’s trial was a ‘sham’ after the 21-year-old was found guilty.

Charles Goodwin, 21 was convicted of four counts of rape by a jury.

He was found guilty of three charges of raping one student in Manchester and one charge of raping a student in Liverpool.

The self-confessed ‘sex god’ was also found guilty of sexually assault by penetration to a third victim in Liverpool.

Goodwin of Hilbre Street, Liverpool city centre but formerly of Salford was however cleared of charges of sexual assault on a fourth student, by the jury.

Hours after the guilty verdict, his father, also named Charles Goodwin took to social media to rant about the trial.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Goodwin Snr said: “'They have reached a verdict' don't think I've ever been more nervous in my life. My son's future about to be decreed by 12 strangers."

He later posted to call the jury's verdict "despicable".

He added: "Despicable. Found guilty of 9 of 12 charges. Ignore all the evidence […] convicted him because a girl turned up to court […] and cried about trauma. Unbelievable.

"An absolute stitch up. Shame on them all.

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"I will advocate for the truth. It was on full display in the trial but the jury […] were not interested […].

"The justice system is a sham designed to beat defendants into submission instead of analysing the evidence."

Despite his rape conviction, Goodwin Snr claims his son is a “lovely lad”, who is likely to be “sentenced to between 16-25 years”.

In the courtroom, after the jury's decision was announced he shouted: “Shame on this court, disgusting,"

While the convict's grandad shouted: "A young man’s life has been totally scorched and ruined.

"How can you believe someone's lies to the court? It is really no way to deal with these offences."

Judge Garrett Byrne told Goodwin, of Hilbre Street, Liverpool: "I am going to order a pre-sentence report to be prepared by probation to include the extent to which you present a danger to women and the outcome of that may affect sentence.

"Please prepare yourself for a lengthy period of imprisonment."

He further remanded him in custody to await sentence next month.

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