Dad spooked after mystery figure suddenly appears in his photo of cathedral

A spooked dad has claimed a paranormal figure appeared in photographs he took of a cathedral.

Daren Eaton snapped the pictures of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on his mobile phone while he sat in the passenger seat of his partner's car.

The 38-year-old claimed he thought little of the images then – but was shocked to find an unrecognisable figure had appeared when he looked later, the Liverpool Echo reports.

He said: "I just took some pictures of the cathedral on my mobile and that was it. When I had a look at them later on they appeared to be routine, until I saw the man who suddenly appeared.

"The car was moving slowly and would have remembered if someone was stood there."

One of the cathedral pictures showed the back of a man against the gates and staring at the cathedral.

The Wirral dad-of-four told Liverpool Echo : "The pictures were taken in sequence over a few seconds.

"How could he suddenly appear and disappear like that. I have to say that I got a spooky feeling when I saw him. Where did he come from?"

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The 'mysterious' man appears to be wearing tan coloured chinos and a sports jacket, which Darren feels is a bit too dated to wear in Liverpool now.

He said: "Yes people don't really dress like that in Liverpool anymore. He appeared to be a bit out of time or out of place in some way."

Darren said that he took the photographs at around 2.30pm on June 29.

He added: "I am not a ghost hunter or anything like that. But I don't understand who this fella is and where he came from. Perhaps someone out there can help?"

Brits have been named the most alien-obsessed in Europe as the Daily Star marks World Paranormal Day (Monday).

Analysis has revealed an unreal 89% rise in 'alien' Google searches across the world this year.

The UK came top in Europe with an average of 624,000 ET annual searches.

That's lightyears ahead of second place France at 408,000, and more than 60 times Germany at 13th with 10,800, according to the study.

Leading UK flying saucer investigator Philip Mantle tells us: "I have been involved in UFO research for over 40 years and despite the pandemic these last two years have been very busy.

"We have seen an increase in UFO sightings being reported, new UFO groups have been set up and both the general public and the media alike have become fascinated by the subject.

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