Dad who woke from coma didnt remember son, 8, who died in same crash

A dad who went into a coma after he and his two sons were hit by a motorbike didn't even remember his son who died in the same smash.

Mohamed Mao, 49, was holding little Mustafa Ahmed’s hand as they crossed the road in southeast London when they were struck by the vehicle on a Sunday evening in February.

The small boy was flung several yards and died at the scene, while Mohamed suffered a head injury and shattered hip. He was airlifted to hospital with his other son, Ahmed Ahmed, 11, who sustained a punctured liver and neck lacerations.

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“I can’t remember anything, I don’t know what happened that night,” he explained to the Mirror after returning to the scene. He understands from witness accounts the lights were on red as they crossed.

Mohamed's last memory of Mustafa was a few days before. “I went for a walk, just me and him, along the River Thames near our house,” he said, smiling. “We used to go along there a lot. That’s all I can remember.”

Mohamed was in an induced coma for several weeks and underwent multiple operations as well as intensive therapy to regain his speech and memory.

The bus driver, originally from Somalia, has not been able to work since the incident and, walking on crutches, he is still awaiting a hip replacement.

It took weeks of therapy took place before doctors deemed he was of stable enough mind to tell him what happened. “When I woke up, I didn’t remember anything, I didn’t know my wife, I didn’t know anybody,” he said. “I didn’t know the reason I was there.”

He added on thinking about his son: “I was still confused a bit, they told me about my son about two months later. When they saw I was speaking better, they called me into a room, with my wife and the doctors and told me what happened.

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“It was very bad, I wasn’t thinking properly, but I was feeling very bad. I felt guilty; that it happened because I took him from home that day. I used to think it was because of me."

He said his other son has recovered well physically, but seems withdrawn.

Mohamed is supporting a campaign to encourage Greenwich Council to make road changes to the spot where Mustafa died, including reducing the speed to 20mph and installing a speed camera.

However, a friend who is also involved said they felt "let down and ignored" by the local authority.

A council spokesperson released a lengthy statement to the Mirror, part of which read: "We have been working with the Met Police as part of its investigation to help secure a conviction.

"An individual has been charged with several offences including causing death by dangerous driving, causing death while driving uninsured, causing death while driving unlicensed, possession of cannabis, and failing to provide a sample of blood.

"The Police have not suggested that there were any issues with the highway that could have prevented this tragic loss of life."

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