Dead Ukrainian beauty blogger only IDed by her manicure after Russian tank blast

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A Ukrainian make-up blogger's body has been identified by her unique manicure after she was killed by a blast from a Russian tank.

Iryna Filkina, 52, dreamed of becoming a popular beauty influencer and regularly posted makeup tutorials on social media.

But tragically the woman's body was identified in a harrowing picture of her hand covered in dirt following a blast by Russian troops on March 5.

Her red and pink nails, complete with a heart on her index finger helped to identify her as she had posted a picture with the same look just days before.

Anastasiia Subacheva told the New York Times that she recognised the hands in the photo and said: "When I saw it, I felt physically like my heart started to break."

Iryna was a heating station operator who had reportedly reached out to Ms. Subacheva to inquire about makeup classes in a bid to follow her dream of becoming popular and increasing the number of her Instagram followers.

However, the gut-wrenching pic of her hand wasn't the only disturbing sight of her death as drone footage has emerged of the exact moment she was killed as she was pushing her bicycle home, wearing a blue coat.

The video shows her turning a corner unaware that several Russian military vehicles lay in wait. A second later a shot was fired.

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A month later, a second video emerged following Ukraine's liberation of the town of Bucha, showing the body of a cyclist in a blue coat laying in the street.

The victim's daughter, who fled Bucha before Vladimir Putin's invasion, claims she begged her mother not to cycle home on the day that she was killed, and insisted she flee the town too.

But her mum has been unable to find the mode of transport to get out of town and cycled home. Reports say she was just 15 minutes away from home when she was killed.

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