Denver weather: Colorado blizzard drops 27.1 inches of snow on Denver

The biggest snowstorm in the Denver area in nearly 20 years brought 27.1 inches, the National Weather Service in Boulder reports — with a bit more snow expected early this week.

While temperatures in the Denver area will be in the mid- to high-30s on Monday and Tuesday, another inch of snow is expected Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.

“We obviously wont be coming close to what we saw this weekend,” National Weather Service meteorologist Zach Hiris said.

It finally stopped snowing in most of the metro around midnight Monday, by which point most observers had clocked readings of between 18 to 24 inches, with scattered reports of 24 to 30 inches, Hiris said.

The city’s official measurement point at Denver International Airport recorded more snow than most of the rest of the area, Hiris said, in part because it got a head start Saturday.

“They actually did a lot better than most of the downtown area in that first wave,” he said.

Though the heavy snow started later than meteorologists had initially expected, the blizzard camped out once it did arrive.

“The trend for that storm, even within the first few hours of he snow starting on Saturday, is that it just kept getting slower, which kept pushing back the start time of the snow,” Hiris said. “That delayed onset definitely messed with our initial forecast but our final amounts were pretty good — slower to start, but also slower to get out of here.”

It ended up being the fourth biggest in recorded Denver history. Outside of the 2003 storm, which brought 31.8 inches, this weekend’s was the city’s biggest snowstorm since 1946.

The highest recording in the state from this storm was southeast of Buckhorn Mountain near Fort Collins, at 42 inches, but Hiris stressed that numbers were still rolling in as of early Monday.

With the exception of a couple days that are forecast to get into the 50s this week, the area will be seeing cool days and chilly nights in the near future — meaning that most of the snow isn’t going anywhere soon.

“It’s going to be a little bit slower than norm to get rid of this one … longer than usual for snow in March,” Hiris said, adding that NWS expects refreezing on some driveways and roadways.

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