Deranged mum hacked out baby sons intestines to get Satan out

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A 25-year-old woman has been arrested for reportedly killing her baby son after she removed his intestines with a knife in order to "get the Devil out".

The horrific stabbing took place at the accused's home in the city of Guayaquil city in western Ecuador, on June 30.

According to local media the young mother believed that her two-month-old baby was possessed by the devil and she thought that by removing his intestines she would exorcise the evil spirit.

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The baby’s grandmother heard his screams and came to the bathroom where she found her daughter with a knife in her hand and the boy’s stomach cut open.

The grandmother is said to have then grabbed the boy and frantically called the emergency services.

However, it was too late and he later died at the Dr Francisco de Icaza Bustamante Children's Hospital, according to reports.

The young mother was subsequently arrested for killing her baby son.

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Police spokesperson Alex Ganchala revealed that the woman is alleged to have said: 'This is how the devil has to be removed from a child'.”

The woman, who was also treated by paramedics at the scene and is believed to suffer from mental health issues, supposedly told police officers that she learned the procedure on television.

Her family said that she has "75 per cent intellectual and hearing disabilities".

The investigation is ongoing.


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