Desert rats have left Afghanistans women and girls in living hell

Be careful what you wish for. ­After 18 months of banging on about Covid we were all desperate for something else to make the ­headlines.

But, dear Lord, please, not this. Anything but Afghanistan.

When you thought the world couldn’t get any worse, it truly has. The gates of hell have been flung open by one of the worst -ever executed military decisions.

You can argue until you’re blue in the face about the rights and wrongs of America, the UK and other allies being in that country in the first place but we are where we are now and we all – globally – have to deal with it.

Because if we don’t the threat of another 9/11 looms large.

What started with bodies falling from the sky in the utter horror of the 2001 Twin Towers attack continues with desperate Afghanis falling to their deaths from planes taking off from Kabul.

Incredibly the only people who are shocked are the ones responsible.

President Joe Biden said the buck stopped with him before promptly passing that very same buck to everyone else including the poor Afghans themselves.

Meanwhile, over here Dominic Raab had the bare-faced cheek to say that no-one could see this ­coming. What he meant was he didn’t. The rest of us spotted it a mile off mainly because it was armed to the teeth with AK47s and rocket launchers.

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The global Afghan Study Group warned that keeping a Nato force of around 5,000 to bolster the withdrawal was the only way to ensure it was done safely.

So what do our leaders do? Up sticks and head home almost overnight leaving not just military hardware to fall into the hands of Taliban but also thousands of ­expats and the estimated 3,300 Afghan nationals who helped British forces.

Despite assurances that they will run the new Islamic State of Afghanistan in a fair way "respecting" the rights of all, the Taliban have already turned the place into a medieval hell hole.

A woman who refused to hand her 12-year-old daughter over to be "married off" (a lifetime of slavery and rape) to a Taliban fighter had her eyes gouged out.

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Females suspected of being "activists" are having pink marks painted on their doors to be "dealt with later". Two young, Burka-clad, girls were beaten in the street for wearing "revealing sandals".

These people need and deserve our help. They are not the, let’s be honest, financial migrants crossing The Channel in dinghies from a clearly not war-torn France.

This doesn’t mean we have an open, passport, papers free border to all and sundry though because if I was running the Taliban I’d be making damn sure I smuggled "sleeper" terrorists to the West disguised as refugees.

Obviously, me ­being a girl though, the only thing I’d be running in Afghanistan is my ­husband’s bath whilst dressed in a blue shroud.

454 British Forces personnel lost their lives in Afghanistan. Was it worth it? Over to veteran, bomb disposal expert Jack Cummings, 32, who lost both legs serving in the country:

"I truly felt I was making a difference in Afghanistan – every bomb I was finding was saving a life. But just seeing the Taliban… it’s horrendous."

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Jack and his colleagues also ensured that little boys and girls went back to school and were free to enjoy a childhood, to live to adulthood. To fly Kabul’s famous kites. Three million women received an education, had their freedom, thanks to our incredible armed forces.

To desert those women and children now is the ultimate insult to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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