Desperate man urgently hunting for mums ashes – after he lost them on pub trip

A desperate man has pledged that he 'won't rest' until his mother's ashes are found – after being too exhausted to remember how he lost them on a trip to his local boozer.

Security guard Paul Gale has issued a desperate plea for the return of an urn containing the ashes of his mother, Pamala Sylvia Gale.

The 39-year-old from London claims he had been to collect the ashes from the crematorium on September 22 after a gruelling night shift and had no sleep before he made the 45-minute journey with his girlfriend.

The pair then went to the pub and had a few drinks before his girlfriend went home.

But Paul was so tired he fell asleep in the pub and had to be woken up to leave.

Speaking to the Daily Star about his exhausted state as he walked home he said: "I honestly have no memory of the night I lost them.

"My mum passed away on October 13, 2020 from Covid – although, she had a lot of other health problems before that. There were only 13 days left to collect her ashes before they were going to be scattered.

"I'd been at work the night before so I'd had no sleep when my girlfriend and I went to go get them which wasn't a great decision since it was a 45-minute journey.

"But we got them and we went to the pub for a few drinks, not a lot, before going our separate ways. I was that tired I fell asleep in the pub before someone woke me up and told me to go home to go to bed.

"So I left, and there's CCTV footage of me leaving with the bags but I didn't come home with them. I've searched every route I could have taken home and asked in every shop and takeaway in the area but nothing.

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"I don't know if they were taken from me or I fell asleep in the street."

Paul claims to have contacted the Met Police for help but they have said they can't investigate due to no evidence of criminal activity.

He has, however, been able to see some CCTV footage in the area that shows him walking with the urn in a Sainsbury's carrier bag which also contained a Navy gift bag alongside some Red Adidas Superstar Trainers in an Adidas Box in a White Carrier Bag.

But Paul is only interested in the urn – which is described as Blue, with Pamala Sylvia Gale as well as the Cremation Number and date engraved on the front.

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He added: "I feel awful, I know it looks terrible and the last thing I wanted to do was make a post on Facebook but I don't care how I get seen I just want her back.

"I've neglected everything including work and it's causing arguments in my relationship as my girlfriend is feeling neglected but I can't focus on anything else.

"I feel like it's all my fault. My siblings have been very understanding but I know they can't be and they'll be feeling some resentment towards me.

"I'm worried about what that will do to me but I won't rest until I get her back, I can't."

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the urn, please contact Paul via his Facebook account.

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