Desperate Putin to announce huge new conscription drive – but it may hasten coup

Bonkers despot Vladimir Putin is growing so desperate with his failing invasion of Ukraine that he is set to risk mutiny in the Kremlin by imposing martial law in Russia and boosting troop mobilisation.

Reports say the tyrannical Russian dictator – who is believed to be suffering from cancer and possibly other ailments – is said to be actively discussing a new forced enlistment to further boost the size of his army fighting in the bloody eastern European war.

He has already drafted 360,000 on top of his one million strong regular army, yet the results have been poor.

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But the New Year is likely to see another massive call-up as he raids offices and factories for what critics see as cannon fodder.

Experts reckon the former-KGB brute will try to persuade Russians they are fighting a “popular war” to protect their country’s existence against a threat from the West.

Valery Solovey, a former professor at Moscow’s prestigious Institute of International Relations, a training school for spies and diplomats, predicted the military call-up will be “more comprehensive than the last”.

He added: “With a high degree of probability, the second stage of mobilisation will be announced after the New Year celebrations.”

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Martial law is also set to be imposed more widely than the areas of Ukraine annexed by Putin where it currently applies.

General SVR Telegram channel claimed a “second wave” of mobilisation may be imposed “simultaneously with the declaration of martial law in Moscow, that is, the second half of January or February”.

Solovey added that it could lead to some of the elite seeking public support to signal a break with Putin and a bid to oust him as early as next year.

But such a revolution could at first lead to a “noticeable worse” life for Russians, possibly with a committee of security-crats in charge.

Later he predicted life would improve with democracy appearing in Russia.

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