Dildog fishes humongous sex toy out of river and gives it to confused owner

An inquisitive dog snagged a huge dildo when he went for a dip in an otherwise idyllic river.

The scruffy pooch, called Larry, was snapped by its owner with the rubber member proudly hanging from his mouth after he found it in the river Wensum in Norfolk.

Rebecca Stott, a novelist from Norwich who owns Larry's friend Nelly, took to Twitter to share how the sex toy spoiled an idyllic day.

"My dog Nelly has a best dog friend called Larry. Larry has an owner called Tom who is my friend.

"The young dogs swim together in an idyllic spot of the river Wensum every morning.

"They bring back sticks to us in exchange for treats. It was all very idyllic until this happened…" she wrote.

The post from Monday, February 28, racked up a staggering 165k likes and nearly 20k retweets.

It was later shared to Reddit, where one commenter branded Larry a "dildog".

Many people responded to the post, sharing their own stories of their pets finding discarded sex toys, leading one woman to write: "How are so many dogs finding abandoned dildos?

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"Who goes out for a country walk and thinks, I know I will take my vibrator in case there is a quiet spot and I am a bit horny? Clearly I lead a very vanilla life!"

Discarded sex toys are actually a real issue and usually affects rivers, and therefore wildlife.

Sex expert Jess Wilde said in January 2020: “Toys with electrical parts (any vibrators, for example) should be disposed of in line with WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations.

"This way it’ll be broken down into its individual components and anything which can be recycled, will be. The metal inside the motor is melted down and re-used, whilst the main material (often silicone) can be shredded for industrial use."

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