Disgusted family films rogue pooer defecating outside their home on CCTV

A family was left disgusted after spotting a man having explosive diarrhoea outside their home on CCTV.

The mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said in the past two years, they have been finding liquid faeces in the alleyway behind their home near Seven Dials, in Hove, East Sussex

Last Tuesday (June 8), they caught the culprit on their home surveillance camera when he stopped in front of their back gate entrance and excreted in public.

The man, who is seen wearing a blue shirt and dark-coloured jeans, relieves himself by the flower pots near the family's garden fence and walks away.

He then appears to clean up his private parts with a piece of toilet paper before taking another explosive dump for the second time in the middle of the road.

The frustrated mother said they have been finding faeces up to "several times a week".

She explained: "You'll wake up and there would be poo as you are leaving the house.

"Then you'll see his token piece of toilet paper, it's like a calling card."

The family suspects this man may be responsible for the other incidents.

They wrote to the council's environmental enforcement and Sussex Police for help after a similar incident happened last September.

"It's just really upsetting to live with two children under the age of three with your back gate being the main entrance and exit," the parent said.

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"I bought flowers as I thought he would stop if it looked nice in the area. In fact, he just s*** on the flowers.

"I'll have to text all neighbours to say 'Be careful, there is loads of s*** out there'.

"Someone walked in it once, it's just disgusting."

Public defecation is punishable under Section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 by a £75 fine.

A council spokesman said: "It is against the law to 'urinate or defecate' in public.

"As this incident occurred on private land, any clean-up would in the first instance be a matter for the landowner and the police.

"Our environmental enforcement team is available to advise the landowner, and has powers to investigate and enforce on their behalf when requested to do so."

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