Disturbing mystery of family who vanished with cult suspected of murder

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On October 8, 2009, Bobby Jamison, 44, his wife Sherilynn, six-year-old Madyson, and their dog Maisy headed into the mountains in their pickup truck and were never seen again.

It took four years for their bodies to be found again in 2013 and there are still no solid answers as to how the family died over a decade later.

Police said they were not able to "completely eliminate anything" and the medical examiner claimed their cause of death was inconclusive – making it one of America's most intriguing mysteries.

The family, who lived in Oklahoma, decided to travel 30 miles to the Sans Bois mountain range because Bobby and Sherilynn were toying with the idea of purchasing a plot of land.

When the meeting was done, the family parked up and went for a short walk for just over 15 minutes, and used their GPS to find a quiet spot on the hillside.

Once they returned to their vehicle, they drove a little further, and then with the truck left in the middle of the road, the family vanished.

Weirdly, Bobby and Sherilynn had recently spoken to a pastor about how they believed their house may be invested with dark spirits.

The couple suggested that an exorcism might be needed.

This was reportedly due to the fact that Madyson had started talking to an imaginary friend called Emily and Sherilynn believed she could be an actual entity.

Bobby also allegedly asked the pastor if he could purchase "special bullets" and was planning on attempting to exorcise the spirits in the home with the help of The Satanic Bible he had purchased.

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The police were told by Sherilynn's close friend that they sometimes conducted seances together, and claimed Sherilynn "took it a lot more seriously" than she did.

Niki Shenold, Sherilyn's best friend said: "But in all seriousness, that house was haunted. I don’t want to sound crazy, but whenever I went there I felt a horrible presence, I would leave feeling so down and depressed."

In July 2009, Sherrilyn’s ex-husband from her first marriage gained full-time custody of their 12-year-old son, Colton, who claimed he didn't want to live with his mum because she often "acted strangely" and seemed "very depressed".

Two months later, Sherrilyn was hospitalised due to a failed suicide attempt.

There was no concern during the family's initial disappearance, as they reportedly had a habit of "falling off the radar" for a bit and Madyson had already been taken out of school.

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When police discovered the empty truck, a large-scale search was conducted around the area with over 400 volunteers, but no leads were found, Strange Outdoors reports.

Officers found $32,000 stashed under one of the truck's seats, which was a strange find due to the fact the family was on disability benefits – police suspected that drug dealing could have been at play.

Furthering this theory, police found surveillance video footage from outside the Jamisons' home, which sinisterly shows the couple walking back and forth around 20 times from their house to their truck in a zombie-like trance.

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Sometimes they would be moving things but normally they wouldn't be carrying anything and at times they would stop staring into space with a vacant look on their faces.

The scary CCTV footage suggested to officers that drugs may have been involved.

Another creepy discovery was in the phone records of a mobile phone left in the locked truck, which showed that an outgoing call to voicemail was made at the time it would have been locked inside the abandoned truck.

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Some people have theorised that the family were part of a satanic cult which may have led to their demise.

Sherilynn’s mother, Connie Kokotan, claims her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter were on an Oklahoma cult "hit list".

"That part of Oklahoma is known for that… cults and stuff like that… from what I’ve been told and from what I’ve read. I was told (around the time of Sherilynn’s disappearance)…that she was on a cult’s hit list."

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