Do something now! Urgent action needed after 800 migrants rescued at sea

Nigel Farage clashes with lawyer on migrant crossings

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A ship carrying 800 migrants was forced to ask Italy to grant a safe port for embarkation on November 5. Italy’s Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese met with the EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders and called on support as the influx of migrants continues to rise.

In a tweet by German NGO Sea-Eye, whose ship Sea-Eye 4 was approaching Sicily on Friday, they said: “In just 48 hours, our crew has rescued more than 800 people.

“Among the survivors, there are children, pregnant women and injured people.

“For all of them, the exceptional situation on board must be brought to an immediate end.

“We need a safe harbour!”

A second boat was also rescued on Thursday, as 400 people were saved from a sinking wooden ship.

Despite calls being made to the Maltese services, they did not “respond to any of the calls for help”.

The NGO added: “A state of emergency is now in force on the Sea-Eye 4”, which has a crew of 24, and any delay in finding a safe port “puts the health and lives of those rescued and our crew at risk”.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been around 55,000 migrants who have arrived in Italy since the start of the year.

Gordon Isler, a member of the SeaEye4 board, took to Twitter to plead for help as the migrant crisis gets worse.

Mr Isler tweeted: “The #SEAEYE4 is 53m long and 11m wide.

“She is currently hosting more than 800 rescued people.

“We are in the Italian SAR zone and urge @guardiacostiera to coordinate and to assign a port for the disembarkation of the survivors as soon as possible.

“This is an extraordinary situation.

“Also evident by the fact that #SEAEYE4, #RISEABOVE and #OCEANVIKING have rescued more than 1000 people this week.

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“Most of the survivors on our ship were rescued in the Maltese SAR Zone.

“It would have been Malta’s duty to send and coordinate help.

“It is a crime that Malta ignores distress calls and it is shameful that other EU countries do not condemn them for it.”

SOS Mediterranee, European Organisation for the Rescue of Lives at Sea, tweeted about the incident which took place during the rescue mission.

They tweeted: “Last night, #OceanViking mobilised to assist ~400 people in distress 10 hours from her position.

“People were recovered by #SeaEye4 before our arrival on scene.

“We have assisted #SeaEye4 & over 800 survivors onboard their ship with extra food supplies last night and this morning.”

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