Does he think people had memories wiped? Macron warned Covid record to bite in 2nd round

Macron: Neil Oliver says ‘Covid fascism’ could cost him

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TV presenter Neil Oliver slammed the current President of France Emmanuel Macron for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Macron is going head-to-head with right-wing opponent Marine Le Pen to try his hand at another round as President. Mr Neil discussed how Macron expects French citizens to forget about his tough forced vaccine passports and mask mandates, as he has gone back to being all about the freedom and liberties of the French people, during the current election campaigns.

The GB News host said: “What amazes me about Macron, and he’s not alone in this, is how short they seem to our or their citizen’s memories are.

“You know it’s only weeks, maybe months since they were behaving in that way.

“Stamping all over people’s rights operating like little petty Napoleons.

“And then with an election suddenly for Macron, it’s all about being a democrat and a liberal.

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Mr Neil added: “Fighting for the freedom of all French men and women.

“Does he think that these people have had their memories wiped?

“You know that these people are goldfish, once around the bowl then they come back unable to remember anything.

“And I would say in answer to your question, yeah I would like to see the likes of Macron fall on this because there has to be payback for what was done to people during the last two years.”

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Fellow presenter Dan Wootton added: “So you would vote for Marine Le Pen if you were in France?”

Mr Neil said: “Well… Yes, I would, I would vote for anyone but, Le Pen is the unknown quantity.

“We don’t know what kind of leader she would be, we don’t know what she would do in power, because she’s never been in power.

“So what would she be like, it’s anyone’s guess and I think the fact that people don’t know that, it might just be the fact that she is the person who might beat Macron.


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“And so if you wanted to be rid of Macron, you vote for Le Pen, because she’s the only person with a realistic chance of replacing him and I can only imagine how tempting that must be for people who have had it up to here with Macron.”

The French President is doing everything he can to garner support to continue holding his seat as head of the country.

Mr Macron said: “I invite all including those who did not vote for me in the first round to rally behind us.

“Pandering to populism and xenophobia – that’s not France.”

The President concluded: “I am counting on you. Nothing is decided. [Let’s move] forward.”

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