Doesnt really like Russians Putin will press nuclear button if things dont go to plan

Vladimir Putin 'doesn't really like Russians' claims Lord West

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Admiral Lord West has suggested Russian President Vladimir Putin will be willing to pull the nuclear trigger if a conventional war with NATO goes against the Kremlin. Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons if the West intervenes in Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. 

Lord West told LBC: “As I say he loves Mother Russia, but he actually doesn’t really like Russians.

“That’s the sort of feeling one has because the way he treats them is not good.

“This is a very high risk, very high risk this is because what he says is that if there’s a conventional fight against NATO, and we have to make sure we’ve got sufficient forces in eastern European NATO countries, and if it’s not going right for him, he will, as he calls it, deescalate by firing a nuclear weapon.

“He doesn’t know what NATO’s doctrine is, well he should do his generals do if someone fires a nuclear weapon, you fire on back.

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“That makes these statements very, very dangerous,” he continued.

“I’ve no doubt having known him then, whilst I’ll say I didn’t particularly like him, he at least seemed to be rational.

“I think when you saw those things he said speaking to his nation it gave me the feeling he’s slightly unbalanced.

“An unbalanced man in that position is worried,” Lord West added.

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Putin made an announcement on the weekend that he was putting Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert.

Russia’s defense ministry on Monday said its nuclear missile forces and Northern and Pacific fleets had been placed on “enhanced” combat duty, in line with an order the previous day from Putin

Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Moscow and fierce Putin critic, wrote that it would be a mistake to dismiss Putin’s message on nuclear arms.

“The people who know Putin the best — people I know in Russia — are worried about his recent nuclear statement. The people who know him the least are saying it’s cheap talk,” he wrote on Twitter.


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Francois Heisbourg, a senior adviser at the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), has also suggested Putin’s threats should be taken seriously.

“People who say he is bluffing have only their gut feeling to rely upon. Whereas those who say he isn’t bluffing can draw on a rich trove of circumstantial evidence,” Heisbourg said.

“Because as far as Ukraine goes, he has not been bluffing.

He doesn’t do bluffing. He has been upfront in terms of what he wants.”

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