Dog missing for 9 days walks into devastated owner’s shop in emotional reunion

A devastated dog lover was moved to tears when his missing dog suddenly walked into his shop.

The touching reunion was captured on security camera footage inside Mr Chen's shop in the city of Xianning, Hubei province in central China.

Mr Chen said his black poodle, nicknamed Lao Si, took a stroll outside his house during the Chinese New Year holiday on February 19, but never returned.

The owner wasn't paying too much attention because he said Lao Si had previously run away from home but always came the same day.

He waited up until midnight but fears started to grow when his beloved pooch had not returned.

Worried that the dog could have been snatched and sold to a dog market, Mr Chen shared the news on social media and asked neighbours to help look for the tiny canine.

Miraculously, Lao Si turned up at his workplace nine days later.

CCTV footage taken on Sunday (February 28) shows Mr Chen taking a break inside the stationery shop.

The shopkeeper is seen playing games on his mobile phone.

All of a sudden, the black poodle enters the shop from the front door and heads straight towards the cashpoint where Mr Chen is sat.

Mr Chen looks down and drops his phone, screaming: "Lao Si! My Lao Si! Oh my God."

He welcomes his pet with warm hugs and kisses.

The dog owner said he learned the lesson and will keep an eye on his dog in the future.

He even gave Lao Si a leash and a new collar so that he wouldn't be mistaken as stray dog.

Viewers said Mr Chen was lucky to have his dog back and praised Lao Si a "smart pooch".

One commented: "That's so impressive, Lao Si remembers where he works!"

"You're lucky this time," another warned. "Please watch your dog even when you leave your doors open."

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