Dog named ‘Puggy Smalls’ attracts 190k followers with ASMR clips of him eating

An adorable dog with a trendy fashion sense has shot to internet stardom, thanks to his ASMR clips.

Puggy Smalls, a six-year-old pug, brings an incredible soothing experience to his 189,000 followers every week by eating different kinds of dog-safe food in a series of cute videos.

The ASMR, short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is the term for the sensation people get when they watch stimulating videos.

Puggy's Instagram clips have proven a huge hit with viewers during the coronavirus pandemic.

In one of his first clips, the tiny pug tried fruits like a banana, a watermelon and a pineapple as well as a steak and lettuce.

While Puggy is churning his way into the fruits and vegetables and brings his viewers to the immersive experience, the furry friend also dresses up in fancy clothing to show off the latest fashion trend.

He is seen dressing up in a colourful Hawaiian shirt and a funky monkey hair band.

But what catches viewers' eye is the impeccable check-print three-piece "suit" with a little bow tie.

As much as Puggy loves to eat, he does have a favourite pick and it's clear that he hates to eat vegetables, in particular, lettuce.

Owner Nick, from Kent, exclusively told Daily Star Online that he noticed Puggy made "incredible sounds" whenever he was eating.

The 35-year-old said: "Puggy Smalls makes some pretty incredible sounds when he eats, he’s also very greedy so I had to capture him eating many dog safe foods.

"The most interesting videos is the first one where Puggy Smalls tries many foods, and at the end he tries lettuce… and he spits it out."

Nick also said that he only gives Puggy dog-safe food and in small amounts as he tries to give him a healthy lifestyle.

On Puggy's Instagram profile, it states: "I didn’t choose the PUGLIFE, the PUGLIFE chose me."

And that is certainly in the canine's stylish fancy dress, which often sees Puggy in customised designer brand clothes.

In the exclusive interview, Nick added: "Keeping Puggy Smalls super relatable and to satisfy his inner hypebeast, I source the dog versions of latest items that you often see on human celebrities and influencers.

"I do everything with Puggy, my buddy but also my career. Puggy really enjoys being in front of the camera earning treats and being fancy.

"So we create a lot of content together and go for big walks and adventures together. We’re very rarely apart."

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