Dog owner finds horrific note threatening to ‘poison’ her puppy

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A dog owner discovered a horrific letter next to a "poisoned" bone left for her puppy.

Cheri Blair, 66, rushed her Portuguese Podengo Jolene to the vet after finding an unsealed envelope in her backyard in a north Sydney, Australia.

She said it read: "Your dog is to be poisoned, to much barking, sorry but no choice, your falt [sic]".

Ms Blair said she "freaked out" after finding the note around 6am on Monday morning.

"I just started freaking out and I started screaming at my husband, go get the bone. They couldn't even spell, it was horrible," she said.

She had let out her seven-month-old pup Jolene for a walk but went outside to find her when her pup didn't come back to the house.

It was then that she discovered the dog with the 20cm bone by her side.

Ms Blair told the Mail Online: "I went down there and It was bone, and it was one of those ones that you have to go to pet store to get there like a freeze dried bone, quite big."

She said she initially threw it back over the fence and headed back to the house but: "Something made me go down there [again], and then I looked down. There was a letter, but it was sealed in an envelope and it had the message on it."

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Jolene the pup was then immediately rushed to an emergency vet clinic in Artarmon saying she wasn't "going to take any chances".

The pup was forced to stay for the day in the animal hospital to be monitored.

NSW Police confirmed to 7NEWS that they had attended the scene and were investigating the allegations.

Ms Blair claimed they also took the letter away for DNA testing.

“The dog is fine and well,” police added in their statement.

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After hearing about the poisoning incident Ms Blair said that two different neighbours told her that they had never heard Jolene bark.

Cheri has been living at her home on the Pacific Highway since 1992 and said she’s never had problems with neighbours in the past.

The 66-year-old said she recalled one incident on Saturday where Jolene barked for 20 minutes after another dog had upset her.

She said that she remembered hearing a female voice shout "shut up" and wondered if that person was behind the alleged poisoning.

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