Dog turns on hose, puts out bin fire and scolds smoker for starting blaze

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The owner of a super smart German shepherd was left stunned after CCTV footage showed his daring dog putting out a fire without any help from humans.

Ex-K9 Nuomi previously shot to internet stardom when a video of him helping his owner taking parcels went viral.

And now, he's left his fans impressed once again – this time with his amazing fire safety skills.

In the security footage posted on his dedicated Douyin account, an employee is seen dumping a cigarette butt into a bin while walking past Nuomi by the entrance gate.

The pooch suddenly wakes up from his sleep and notices smoke billowing from the bucket.

He heads outside the gate and barks at the worker.

When Nuomi returns, he sees the flames spreading inside the bucket. The quick-thinking pooch then runs towards a tap and uses his paw to turn on the tap.

Then he drags the hose across and drops it inside the bucket.

A few seconds later, he closes the tap and runs to find a member of staff in the shop.

The pooch brings the man to the bucket and shows him the burnt cigarette.

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The owner wrote in the post: "Everyone must pay attention to fire safety and please don't throw cigarette butts around.

"If it wasn't for the fire training given to Nuomi at the factory before, we would have lost more than one bin this time."

Viewers were blown away by Nuomi's impressive performance.

One said: "You can tell Nuomi's a brilliant K9, so smart!"

Another wrote: "He even went out to scold off the guy. I wish my dog could learn from Nuomi."

"Best employee of the month!" a third added. "You should reward him with extra treats tonight."

Meanwhile, another German shepherd did an adorable "mid-air bicycle" when he was showered with love by his owner.

The pooch couldn't stop peddling when his owner gave him a rub in the belly.

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