Dogs adorable habit of biting lips when he hears favourite words goes viral

A golden retriever with a goofy grin has left his owner in stitches, with her joking he is performing his best "sexy model face".

Chili, a two-year-old pooch, stole his mum Gailin's heart when they first met and the pair have become inseparable ever since.

"I got Chili following a life-threatening surgery and felt really empty," the 25-year-old told Daily Star.

"I had always been a cat person until I met Chili and now I'm a dog person."

Gailin regularly posts funny videos of Chili onto his dedicated Instagram account @goldenchilidog, which has more than 88,000 followers.

In one popular video, the canine sticks out his tongue while sitting on a sofa.

He tilts his head slightly, biting his lips and showing off his fangs.

Gailin jokes in the footage that the "videos of my dog proven to boost serotonin levels", adding that Chili is putting on his "model face".

One fan said Chili "instantly made his day" with that hilarious stunt.

"You have the 'pawfect' model face," a second wrote while a third commented: "Chili you melt my heart. I can see you on the cover of Vanity Fur".

Despite the pooch appearing to have his lips stuck in the teeth sometimes, a dog lover called it a "true talent".

"The song and the lip stuck in teeth – definitely a serotonin boost for me," another confirmed.

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Gailin, from Connecticut, US, told the site: "He usually makes that face when you say the words 'do you want to…' or if you say 'what's that?'

"It's definitely my favourite face he makes and always makes us laugh!"

After recovering from the operation, Gailin said Chili "added so much purpose and love" to her life.

"He makes me laugh and brings the best side out of myself to life," she added.

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