Dogs hugging picture sends Twittersphere into loved-up meltdown

The beautiful moment when two dogs embraced each other has sent Twitter into meltdown and spawned a host of similar snaps.

The picture, posted by @WoodwardSumner, has been liked more than 116,000 times on the social media platform and started something of craze.

The image, posted with the message: "Henry met a friend today I can’t cope", shows the two golden labs sharing the intimate moment and has been retweeted more then 8,500 times.

The 24 year-old nurse who tweeted the original picture has been inundated with replies from pooch-mad owners showing commenting on the touching scene.

Kernodrew said: "I love the idea that they see us hug each other and copy our behaviour!"

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@Kabletidy said: "My border collie 'hugs' other dogs like this too and it's so cute looking. Apparently though, they have scent glands on their chests and are marking so as to recognise each other next time…but yeh, awwww."

@Nattyjane11 said: "You're making me broody with all these dog posts."

However Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan reckons a dog hugging is not really a sign of affection, more one of dominance, as he explains on his website

He said: "See it from the dog’s point of view. While they can grab things between their front legs, they generally only do it when they are play-fighting, actually fighting, or humping something — and those actions are all about dominance, not affection.

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"To animals in general, being suddenly grabbed around the body is usually a sign that a predator has gotten hold of them, in which case it’s time to fight to the death in order to escape."

And he even has worse news for owners who enjoy a cuddle with the pet pooches – they generally don't like it.

He said: "As they say: 'Don’t shoot the messenger,' but I can tell you there are very few dogs that actually like being hugged by humans.

"You may be one of the people with one of those dogs, but for the vast majority of dogs, a hug is not something they look forward to."

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