Dogs sick and hazmat fire squad called as locals suspect pigeon poisoner

Dog owners have been warned to keep a safe distance from a neighbourhood in Toronto, where several pooches became ill after somebody was seen spraying chemicals on grass in a residential area.

Toronto Police confirmed that a fire unit in hazmat suits were called to the incident in the neighbourhood of Etobicoke, which was being treated as suspicious, and that animal services had been notified of the sickly canines.

Toronto residents were quick to suggest theories about who might be behind the chemical spray.

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One said: "Could this be the pigeon poisoner?" while another replied: "I was literally just thinking that…"

This comes following reports last week that dozens of pigeons had been found 'shuddering uncontrollably', 'convulsing and seizing' and in some cases dead, in another suspected poisoning carried out by an unknown suspect simply dubbed the 'pigeon poisoner'.

Toronto Wildlife Centre took to Facebook to warn people of the incident, claiming they had received 'several devastating calls' regarding the animals' condition.

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The post read: "Three pigeons were found weak, but alive and struggling, and were captured and rushed in for emergency care.

"Two others were brought in by kind-hearted members of the public."

However, others weren't convinced this was the work of the elusive pigeon poisoner and pointed the finger at reckless pet owners for the incident.

The angry residents said that whoever was behind the spray must have grown tired of dog owners leaving dog poo on their grass and decided to do something about it.

"This sounds like someone who's p***** off at dog owners leaving their dog s*** on their lawn and is taking action into their own hands," one person Tweeted.

Another parrotted the suspicion, claiming: "Yep. Every park in city has pretty much become a sewer. The losers in the High Park area can tell us all about that one."

And this user wasn't the only one to have some choice words to say about the city and its residents.

One furious Twitter user responded: "This city is going downhill real quick [email protected] (Mayor of Toronto) and @fordnation (Premier of Ontario, Toronto's province) don’t care!!! Not enough resources for people with mental health issues and homelessness."


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