Donald Trump’s grey hair baffles internet as he almost concedes to Joe Biden

It was a grey day for Donald Trump after he almost admitted his time at the White House was up.

The 45th US President has been hanging on to power and refusing to concede defeat since the election on November 3 but the march of time seems to have caught up with his hair.

The trademark ginger combover was replaced by grey as he made more claims about "Operation Warp Speed", the search for a Covid vaccine, at a White House press conference.

Speaking about American drug company Pfizer's claims to have a vaccine 90% successful and ready to go, he said "time will tell" if another administration will take over, according to The Mirror.

Yet it was his normally strawberry blonde barnet that caused the most debate on social media.

One person wrote: "Did Trump forget to dye his hair blonde or is it my screen? He seems to have a full head of grey hair right now."

A viewer tweeted: "Oddly, Trump is suddenly no longer blonde. His hair appears to have turned gray since Election Day."

Another joked: "He's aged in 10 days."

One more person said: "Apparently Trump’s hairstylist conceded before him."

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The event was Trump's first public appearance in days after not being seen much around following the US presidential election.

He did not take questions after the press conference, despite calls asking if he was going to concede defeat in the election.

And while Trump is yet to concede, Joe Biden has vowed to start working ahead of January, when he and Kamala Harris are due to take office.

The US president said he expects a coronavirus vaccine to be available for the entire population as soon as April. He also said he expects an emergency use authorisation for Pfizer's vaccine "extremely soon."

Although Trump has tried to claim credit for the vaccine, Pfizer's senior vice-president Kathrin Jansen told the New York Times the company had taken no cash from Government and it was never a part of Operation Warp Speed.

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